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  1. what is the english exam in texas is it the ielts or the toefl? I really need to know coz i'm preparing to take the exam. thank you... I passed the california nclex but i want to practice nursing in texas, how do i get started with the reciprocity? will it take long?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    I have moved you post to the International forum as more appropriate there. Please take the time to either read on here or do a search as plenty of threads on Texas. You need to check the Texas website to what you need to do and there are a few threads with link already. There is no such thing as reciprocity but endorsement but because you have applied initial licensure with CA you do not have a license to endorse so have to apply a slightly different way which has been answered on her several times by Suzanne.
  4. by   suzanne4
    Only the NCLEX exam has reciprocity, licenses do not. You need to meet the requirements of the new state. And since you went thru CA, you cannot use endorsement but have to go thru the entire procedure and have your results forwarded to Texas.

    Please take the time to do some reading on this forum, this same question has been answered multiple times. Also recommend that you take the time to read the sticky called the Primer at the top of this forum.