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  1. hello guys. hope you can help me clear my mind about all these questions.

    sad to say, i am a june 06 passer here in the phil. i am concerned with all the issues regarding the vsc. i am opting for new jersey. i understand that ces is required in order for me to be allowed by the nj bon to sit for nclex. ces is conducted by cgfns. with the issues not yet cleared and the cgfns/ichp is still in the process of deliberating whether the june 06 passers should be given the vsc, i am into this huge dilemma.

    so, since the cgfns will be actually conducting the ces, will they still approve my credentials and actually permit me to apply to nj bon and to sit for nclex? when do i apply for vsc? is it after i pass my nclex already? i'm really into so much confusion now and i really need answers to clear up my mind and for me to fix my career plan.

    if the case is that the cgfns will not allow me to apply to nj bon because i belong to the june06 batch, is it better if i apply in other states that do not require ces like new mexico, ca, etc?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I already responded to your pm.

    CES can be issued, CVS will be on hold. You shoud have retested in December and then there would not have been any issues.
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  4. by   pRinSesa
    i got your Pm. thanks again for responding. you are a lifesaver suzanne! i know i should have decided to take the exam again..oh well, have to deal with what's given now.. thanks again. God bless you.
  5. by   pRinSesa
    suzanne, the CES requires the certification for english proficiency. so it means that i should take my ielts first before my CES report be processed by cgfns and be allowed to sit for nclex? did i get it right?
  6. by   suzanne4
    CES does not require the Engloish exams, not sure where you are reading that. It is strictly an evaluation of your training. You will need the English for the VSC, and anything more is dependent on the requirements for NJ.