help me please.

  1. hello everyone im new here. i would like to ask you people about a lot of stuff that has been bothering me a lot.

    first of all im a June 2006 passer here in the philippines and im about to take the NCLEX this february in Hong Kong...

    attended a review class for NCLEX for 2 months
    now.. (self studying) i study everyday, starting at 730 answering question trainers estimated to 150-200 questions till 12 in the afternoon answering and reading rationales...... is this enough? and* if i stl have the energy to review in the afternoon i go on til i burn myself out... is this ok?

    im really really nervous about the exam thinking if am reviewing and preparing for it enough.

    and i would also like to ask if the NCLEX exam in hong kong is harder compared to the NCLEX exam given in Saipan, Guam or in the States?

    also im scheduled to take the exam in the afternoon, im concerned if my study routine in the morning will reflect on my performance on the NCLEX exam done in the afternoon..(will my brain work more effectively in the morning based on my routine) [ or will i need to change my routine?] oh my god im really really troubled and nervous am i asking too much questions? oh my..

    and lastly about the visa screen thing.. oh.. thrs still no news from the cgfns site about it ---still waiting for the decision.

    help me please! any tips or advice will help a lot

    im glad to be here.. thanks to you all
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  3. by   lawrence01
    NCLEX is a national exam and it is the same where ever in the world you take it.

    As you know the exam is a Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT) meaning the computer adapts to your answers and all succeeding questions depends entirely on your answer on the previous question. So, no two exam is entirely the same.

    I would recommend going to's NCLEX discussion forum for more details. All you need to know about NCLEX is in there. Suggest you start of w/ the Stickies there.
  4. by   lawrence01
    You can change your schedule anytime as long as a slot opens up and it opens up very often than you think. You just have to be vigilant.

    Tip re: scheduling: If you see a particular slot on the scheduler/calender that you like make the call ASAP. If you wait another hour or two that slot will close again. It is that volatile for HK since everyone wants to take the exam there. And when the operator says that there are no slots on that date ask her politely to check again because what she may have seen maybe 1-2 hours ago. When she checks it again she'd realize that a slot just recently opened up.

    There are no fees for re-scheduling and you can do it as often as you want as long as it is not less than 24 hours before the appointment date as that date will be considered automatically confirmed if less than 24 hours already.
  5. by   steve0814
    ok thanks for the info though :spin:

    im just wondering.. is my study routine good enough?.. im really nervous..

    any study tips or advice you can give me to help me prepare for my nclex?

    it would really really help thanks
  6. by   lawrence01
    Only you can precisely assess yourself but what is your average for the simulated exams on your review cd? You'll get more responses regarding NCLEX in our NCLEX discussion board. Try posting your NCLEX-specific Q's on that forum. :spin:
  7. by   jahda_ph
    Elow! I had thesame feeling weeks before taking my NCLEX. I even entertained the idea of rescheduling my exam on a later date. But i did'nt. I took itlast dec 5 and passed. 6 weeks before my NCLEX, i looked for a review center that offers refresher course although i already had one but the review ended 8 months ago. So, i needed a refresher course just to tie up those loose ends. Luckily, i found one that really helped me clear my mind and focus on what normally shows up in NCLEX. It was really helpful for me. If you're really unsure of your performance, y dont u try calling and reschedule the exam with no fee required. But, you can never really say youre ready fro NCLEX even if you finish reading all those review materials. Goodluck on your exam. Hope ull make it too. Just stay focus and pray always.
  8. by   steve0814
    :spin: thank you jahda.

    il just keep on doing my routine then, and il keep on praying:spin: il do my best
  9. by   msdreamchaser
    i'll also be taking my exams on march and same as you are i am nervous as well. if you are getting better scores everytime you do your self review then i guess your doing better. if you feel nervous then you can add an extra hour for certain topics you feel weak at... goodluick to your upcoming exam. i do hope you can make it! god bless