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  1. Hello everyone. nice to meet you , i am a male nurse. I have some friends overseas. One of my friends is in the Phillipines and the other is in India. Can anyone recommend any agencies over there that have a good reputation for recruiting nurses to help them get over here to the U.S.? Both of my friends have passed all the required tests like the language and CGFNS tests and speak english well. Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you very much in advance.
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    hello >? is anyone outthere?
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    try posting this in the international forum, should get more answers
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    Thank yoiu silverdragon for the help. I'm new here.
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    Quote from nurseguy5
    Thank yoiu silverdragon for the help. I'm new here.

    no problem, glad I could help.

    Have a good look on here, there are plenty of Phillipine RN's either going through or just completed the process so will offer plenty of advice
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    Have they passed only CGFNS, or have they passed NCLEX already?
    You can have them contact me here, if you want. A lot will depend on what experince that they have, as well as where the want to live. They should pick that and have complete control, not the agency.
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    thanks Suzanne