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  1. Hello to everybody, I'm new to the board. I have lurked awhile here and on the USA board. I hope you don't hate me for this vent...

    Sadly already I have a vent. how to do you cope with 'health tourists'. Yesterday we had FOUR! All had major ops. Family who cant speak English but notes say "mother had baby in England left for X country with baby at 3 months has been back in the UK for 6 months" child is now 4 years old and cannot speak English. Family doesn't work (I asked and I knew because they claimed travel expensives). It makes me so mad but some of my collages say well wouldn't you do it if you had a child that was sick? But the NHS can't treat everybody from every other countries, and they NHS is hardly rich is it! They wanted two family members to say overnight by the bedside plus each have another family member in our parents lodge. We have a strict one-parent/guardian policy as we a very small unit. we are a 12 bedded unit. But very sick/dying children this rule is broken.
    Then screaming and wailing started from female members and grandmother said one word to me "racist" I couldn't cope I didn't know what to do for the best, then family then decided to try and hack two below knee pop's off with a penknife, so I called security. Meanwhile my fellow nurses were trying to sort out the other families as well as the other patients.
    The families had 28 visitors between them , none of which would leave, were told polity and explained about health and safety etc, but no-one out of 28 people understood English. Being rural with small ethic minorities groups, we have no access to translators. We also have to prep these children and make sure they have been starved how do we do this safely when we can't ask the parents? We have had cases were children have gone down and they have eaten.
    We have spoken to Dr's and they don't care!

    Anyway the three of us and our unit manager are having a meeting on Monday to discuss yesterday.

    Sorry for the vent.
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  3. by   homesick honey
    hi spainelgirl, i know it can be very difficult with non english speaknig patients (but mainly their relatives) have you tried getting your hospital to pay for language line? we have used it in the past and for a small number of non english speaking patients it is worth it.
    i also would suggest that the risks to your safety be brought to the notice of management.
    maybe they need to consider an entry system for both your safety(and sanity) and your patients.
    feel free to rant any time you want. we have all been there
  4. by   karenG
    oh I feel for you!!

    I work in general parctice in Dartford. we have a large refugee population and NHS tourist population. the one that took my breath away was when a woman calmly told me she had come here for ICSE as all other infertility treatment had failed!! (she didnt get it) we have to use an interpreter service- at 110 a time!! our refugees know their rights and can be totally obnoxious- especially some of the eastern countries, the men in particular! I think it is a cultural thing but have been told on several occasions that I am 'no good.....get doctor'. I usually get a female doctor! but ohhhhhhhhhh and my poor old gents dont get anything!

    oh help I am starting to vent now! so going to shut up now! have decided that there good people and there are not sp nice people- doesnt matter what country you come from!!! we just seem to attract the not so nice people!!

  5. by   Spaniel gal
    thanks for your replies

    we have an entry system but they wait by the door and let other family members in. the other thing how do you cope with the fact they dont work here, but come back when they need to use the NHS? it makes me so mad! one of the children operated on who had very serious learning problems had EIGHT siblings with the same problem who are well known to the ward. mum and dad are first cousins. why doesnt the government care??
  6. by   Mira
    It could be very frustrating trying to comprehend the attitude of those who came from war torn areas of the world,they have been traumatised and maybe thinking that the way to demand is to be rude and really be annoying so they can be heard and be understood which got the reverse effect actually.I hope the government can sort this out or even the management can send staff to even 3h study day about understanding traumatised people.Being called as racist could be very annoying,it is like sitting on eggs,you can`t move coz you`re afraid that the eggs will crack.As nurses we just like to do our job with compassion even,but situation like this I will not be surprised if the turn over/career change of nurses will be quick because the least you expect from a customer/patient after you`ve worked hard is being treated with disrespect and complaints as if you did not do your job properly.I believe that even if you live on caves you have the instinct to blend in harmony with your environment.
  7. by   Spaniel gal
    i understand where you are what you are saying. but the patients we recieve are not at danger as they have their ops and a few months later go back home. infact many refugees have been abused with the aid of doctors and nurses along with the police. im refering to the ones who hate the UK and our "low western moral's" but still use and abuse our systems, be it medical, education etc.
  8. by   karenG
    I think for us its a no win situation. some of our patients are real refugees and have been through horrific times- no question of that, they deserve all the care we can give them. I have a problem with people who come here from 3rd world countries and abuse the system.........they come for treatment, which theoretically they should pay for but dont. ok can sort of understand that...........but why abuse us?? I'm no angel and dont want people to lavish praise on me(yuk) but would like to be treated with respect. thats all.

    we also have huge problems with a rise in violent assaults here- some eastern european groups wont sit in the same room as others.........which can cause no end of problems!! guess its just part of our changing society!

  9. by   Mira
    Actually those genuine refugees are more apologetic and grateful for what ever you`ve done to them,it is the people who just wait for the dole out from the gov`t(unemployed,homeless-who cares they can have more benefits than the average working class like the nurses,you need to be homeless b4 they can provide council flat complete w furnitures)that are more hostile, be it fr. french colony countries or citizens.Of course there is always an exception,and I am happy for those exceptions,they make the world a better place to live in.