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  1. by   kashish
    I am RN having 3yr diploma in GN and midwife, is there any scope out in Autralia
  2. by   jayna
    To be RN in australia or NZ you have to earn a BA, but the better people to check up with are those from the Australia nursing council, they'll advice you on how to go about things to earn the RN in australia, because as I said earlier that if you applied to each state in australia, they will always refer you to the Australia nursing council ( the main body).

    And this questions goes to the nursing councils, how well collaborated/coordinated are the states in Australia to the main nursing council in Canberra. Its confusing .....but that has to be a new thread.
  3. by   gwenith
    Thank-you Jayna being "inside" we are not always in the know about how to get in. I will keep this as a reference for future enquiries
  4. by   jayna
    Yeah I know Gwenth.
    Thats very true.
    Happy nursing.:roll :roll
  5. by   BeverLIE
    hi all,

    this is interesting thread.

    rarry, glad u are going to melb. i love sydney but i'll try doing melb for some time til i find my niche

    rachel, hope u can share some ideas of what's it's like studying nursing in the uni? i will do a migrant bridging program for 3 months. i feel so tense . i am expected in september.

    thanks in advance
  6. by   gwenith
    Welcome Beverlie As Tookie warned Melbourne is COLD even in September. Remember when the wind blows up from the south it is coming straight off the Antartic - or at least it feels like it is! :LOL2:

    Melbourne whetther is very changeable - hot one day and freezing cold the next!! Keep in touch even after you get here!

    In the meantime if there are any questions please feel free to ask!!
  7. by   BeverLIE
    thanks gwen,

    i guess i might as well start looking for a human blanket for melbourne
  8. by   gwenith
    Always the best choice!! What area do you specialize in??
  9. by   rarry
    BeverLIE,Nice to meet you here.I am just waiting for the result of my PR in China.The offshore application we delivered will be a long term duration that generally lasts at least 53 weeks.I'm still working in the hospital now in China.Keep in touch!
  10. by   BeverLIE
    hi gwen, i'm sorry for my silence:zzzzz i miss hanging around here

    i did med-surg for about 2 yrs and i'm into ICU nursing for close to 7 years now. love it

    thanks for being so nice and boy how i like your avatar...looks so chic .. i'm all too curious on what nursing in oz is. i hope i'll be able to meet the standards bec i really do love being a nurse

    rarry, i wish u the best in your PR...i'm gonna get mine in a year or two. See you in melb and i hope we can be all great friends someday
  11. by   gwenith
    Nice to hear from you again.

    I work with a male nurse from Capiz and when he heard you were from the Phillippines he said to say Hi as well. We have a lot of nurses form the Phillippines working.
  12. by   rarry
    BeverLIE(rarry, i wish u the best in your PR...i'm gonna get mine in a year or two. See you in melb and i hope we can be all great friends someday)[/QUOTE]

    Thank you very much.My pleasure to be great friends with you all. :kiss
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