Health Teachings.....??

  1. as a nursing student and as a nurse it is our responsibility to impart health teachings to our patients such as:
    a. avoid cigarrete smoking
    b. drink alcoholic beverages oftenly
    c. avoid eating cholesterol rich foods
    d. eat high fiber rich foods/ eat healthy foods
    e. do daily routine of exerciseumpiron:
    f. instructions of relaxation techniques and etc.
    But as a nurse do you practice those health teachings that you shared with your patient?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Good question

    Within reason I try to practice what I preach but there are times when I do indulge although never smoked I do have the occasional drink but years ago used to drink more, always on healthy eating food kick but will indulge. I think patients understand more when you can empathize with them or atleast understand where they are coming from. You also need to understand their environment, is it a deprived area or affluent area, do they have the money to spend as usually better food for you costs more. Just some other things to take into the equation. At the end of they day you have to look at the patient as a whole taking into account social/personality/family environment
  4. by   wenursetheworld
    I do... but sometimes patient insists on doing these kind of stuffs. Other people said that they are just gonna live once so enjoy life's temptation and priviledges... It depends on how person perceives life and living in it as well, we are just here to lay down some options...
  5. by   Lorodz
    a. i don't smoke and will never be tempted to smoke

    b. i am an occasional drinker.

    c. i avoided eating high cholesterol food but, my god they are so delicious and tasty compared to plant foods/salads. sometimes i indulge in high cholesterol food but i always make sure that i do some exercise the day after, i also eat lots of oatmeal.

    d. im trying. im after the antioxidant effect. speaking of antioxidant, i've read somewhere that antioxidant pills have antioxidant effects on test tubes but once consumed by humans, they have no effect. the article suggested to eat fresh vegetables and fruits if you want to get those antioxidants. (i think ive read it at reader's digest "the antioxidant myth")

    e. gained 20 lbs just preparing for the NLE, hey im trying to burn those nasty fat now, so yes im doing aerobics (jogging) daily for an hour.

    f. relaxations? hmn...being with my friends eases me, we just laugh and laugh all day.

    its hard to tell your patients that obesity/ overweight triples their chances of having heart disease, DM, etc... when you yourself is overweight/obese.