Greek Zorba Yolngu Style

  1. This has been on the news recently and I wonder if any of you have seen it. A friend pointed it out to us on "youtube". I know its not nursing, but laughter is supposed to be the best medicine? Nursing is wholistic?

    "The Chooky Dancers are a group of 10 energetic young men who had healthy living in mind when they choreographed the performance. Franks son Lionel is the lead dancer in the video footage at front and center. "They begun working on this just after this years Garma Festival in Gukula and worked very hard on it, they also do a Bollywood style performance." Taken from Youtube

    Apparently the daughter of one of the dancers is cared for by a Greek family in the major city here, and the main aim of this was to show how "two cultures meet"
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    That's a scream! Thanks for the laugh, Dar.