Going on the district!

  1. I have just found out my next placment, (very early, and I haven't got my letter yet) But...

    I am going on the district!

    I haven't had a community placement before and I think it should be really interesting, not quite sure how I ma going to relate to acute and critcial care module, but what they hey I am going out on the district.

    Going to ring my new mentor now, knowing my luck I'll get my shifts arranged and then the Uni will move my placement.

    Anyhow, If anyone can recomend any good websites, or text books for the community could you let me know? I really need to brush up on ICT, and PCT's.

    Sorry for babling, going to go calm down now and ring my new mentor
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  3. by   karenG
    community! its fun! thats where I work!! dont know if there are any specific books about the community- our patients get the same illnesses! its the continuity of care that is different. Also, we dont do the high tech. stuff. you will find it totally different, the pace is dependant on who you work with- I see a patient every 10mins for 4 hr! do 2 4hr sessions a day! not sure what questions you have- pm me if you want to!

    oh and enjoy it!

  4. by   Whisper
    One of my house mates has just finished their community placement, and is going to lend me their community nursing handbook, and I have a copy of hospital, and home.

    I am really excited which is stupid, because my placement doesn't start till the very end of may/early june!

    Plus I chickened out of ringing my new mentor, as the piece of paper I was given is her home phone number, so I thought I should wait to definitely get this placement allocated from the uni, with the supporting paper work before I ring up.

    But wohoo! I am going into the community, in my first year their wasn't enough placements for me to go out into the community, so I had a mental health placement instead, which almost a year later could by why I am looking forward to this one now!

    When I found out more I am sure to have more questions


    p.s. It will be my last placement as a second year student, very scary!