GNP interview at a Childrens hospital

  1. Hi, I am going for an interview at a childrens hospital soon for a place on a graduate nurse program.
    I want to prepare myself as best as possible and was wondering what sorts of questions are likely to come up during the interview?
    Unfortunately I havent been lucky enough to have had any placements on a pediatric ward so I'm hoping that this won't go against me.

    Any suggestions on possible scenario questions that are likely to come up would be greatly received.
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  3. by   gwenith
    Lots of luck!!! (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

    Let us know how you do okay??
  4. by   monstermunch
    Thanks Gwenith, I'm really nervous because I want this so bad
  5. by   gwenith
    Relax!! Read up on your hospital mission statement (that always impresses them) and remember they are after a SAFE practitioner so ensure you know safety precautions!!! But if you cannot answer a question do not try to make it up - simply either ask to move on to another question to give yourself more time or state that you would seek the advice of a more experience colleague and/or consult the procedures manual. They do not expect you to know everything!!
  6. by   monstermunch
    Thanks Gwenith
  7. by   monstermunch
    Well my interview went terribly, I was so nervous my mind went blank for the whole interview resulting in me looking like a complete idiot. I couldn't even explain why I wanted to work there
  8. by   gwenith
    Commiserations mate!! The bottom line is that the more interviews you do the better you do at them. Perhaps you should get together with some friends and practice some mock interviews.
  9. by   monstermunch
    Thanks Gwenith.
    I've never been interviewed by a panel before, I think your idea about doing mock interviews is good. I did have a practice with my husband the night before but I just fell apart when it came down to the real thing.
    Oh well, I suppose I'm just going to have to put it behind me and try and learn something from it.
    Thanks for all your support and suggestions :flowersfo
  10. by   monstermunch
    Well I wasn't offered a place at the Childrens hospital although I have been placed on the reserve list should someone turn down their offer.
    I can't say I was surprised at not getting in as I mentioned previously I was horrendous in the interview.
    However I have been offered a place at two other hospitals, not sure which one to choose though. One is the main one in South Australia and the other one is where I am currently working as a nursing assistant, which is near to home. Haven't a clue which to choose as they both have good and bad points.
  11. by   gwenith
    I would start next to where you live and get some money and experience under your belt - then - kick off to see the world!!!
  12. by   monstermunch
    Yes, I was thinking it would be easier working nearer to home especially as I have children.
  13. by   joannep
    Yes, I agree with Gwenith, stay close to home and get some experience, build your confidence, especially where you know the hospital, and they know you.
  14. by   monstermunch
    Thanks for your advice joannep.
    I have done the majority of my placements at the main hospital so I kind of know both hospitals pretty well.
    What I especially like about the main hospital is that you either have a patient load of 4 or you work together with an EN and have a patient load of 8, also the late shift finishes at 9pm which I think is excellent, also salary sacrificing is available.
    With the other hospital that is nearer to home you have a patient load of 6 and during the night it is just you and an EN for 16 patients. I don't know the situation for nights at the main hospital as I haven't done a night shift there.
    Its really hard to choose which hospital to go for, I'm trying to weigh up all the pros and cons and its doing my head in :selfbonk: