1. hey seems tht most of the threads are quite serious...lets try something light and nice to think of...Christmas time is fast approaching and its nice to think of gift a nurse we're always busy doing our jobs and sometimes we forgt to pamper ourselves...
    whats the gift you would like to give to yourself?
    and whats the last gift you gave to yourself?
    1. Id like to have a new MP3 player and a good novel
    2. vintage tee....
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  3. by   American Pie
    A Simple Gift
    A girlfriend
  4. by   RNHawaii34
    1. I want a good 5 days off in a row, and do nothing.2. enough time to sleep ( at least 8 hours).3. a day driving in a freeway without traffic.4.a day in a spa.5. a day with my family without interruption, i.e., cellphone, tv, or computer!!
  5. by   lenjoy03
    Gift? Same here amecan pie. Boyfriend!!!! hahahaha.....

    Anyway.,,, I just want gift of health for my family and of course me. Because when I had my first duty as an RN 2 weeks ago, I was having dengue while on duty for 4 days!!! I really dont want that to happen again....

    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   pisceanbabe74
    Me? hmmmm, i would like to buy myself a set of beautification stuffs to make myself MORE beautiful. (HAHAHA).
  7. by   Mides

    1) complete spa from head to toe
    2) sumptous feast al the way buffet
    and to end my day
    3) a hug from somebody hahah!
  8. by   borik1234
    7days off ,and then going to vegas for fun,,hehhee
  9. by   janey_RN
    if santa would give me a gift, i would like to:
    1. passed the nclex (1st take)
    2. love and peace for my family
    3. good health

    merry christmas to everyone!:trout: