FResh Grad and Confused abt NCLEX

  1. I need help regarding the NCLEX, what to do first?

    im planning to take NCLEX CALIFORNIA, feed me some details please..

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Please take the time to do some reading on this forum, paricularly the stickies at the top of this forum.

    1. You will not be applying for the NCLEX exam, you will be aplying for licensure as an RN to a state BON in the US.

    2. CA will take you four to six months on average before you will even be given permission to sit for the NCLEX, and then another month to get your results by snail mail. You also will not be a licensed US RN until you arrive in the US and get a SSN#, as CA will not issue a license without that.
  4. by   kewl_nurse2b
    ok now im getting more condused..

    here's my case
    1. ill be graduating in a couple of months
    2. im planning to take NCLEX/IELTS first before i go to US ( i already have a card)
    3. Am i doing the right thing? Im so clueless with the NCLEX thing can you help me peeps =(
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    before you can sit NCLEX you have to apply to BON, they will not issue you with ATT until you graduate and can provide a full set of transcripts. This process can take anything from 4 months before you will get ATT to sit NCLEX. Check out the sticky Primer to work in the US.