former nurse from poland needs license

  1. I didn't know where to ask this question, it goes. I work in the OR and I was talking to one of the scrub techs about how she was a nurse in Poland (five years ago) before she came to the U.S. When she came here, she ended up taking a year course to become a scrub tech. She tried to get her liscense here, but she could never get a clear answer, so she never tried.
    My question is....where is the first place she should go to apply for her RN liscense? she says her school she attended in Poland closed down, which was part of her runaround. Any information would be greatly appreciated, considering I know NOTHING about international nursing and how is applies here in the states. thanks again
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    Hello, Lasoniamacaroni,

    I moved your thread to the International forum for a better response. suzanne4 will come along and assist you later.
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    Since you are in Michigan, they currently require the CGFNS exam before MI will permit a foreign nurse to sit for the NCLEX exam. There is talk of them possibly changing that requirement as many other states have done.

    Best suggestion is for her to get at least the CES done by CGFNS.........that will get her credentials to CGFNS and they can be used for the exam application if needed.

    Even if the school has closed, there are always records around...from the licensing board there, to even school instructors...most have the transcripts filed somewhere.

    I graduated from a hospital program many years ago in MI, and can always get my transcripts when needed.........the program has been gone for too many years to count.

    I would start with that. Let me know if you need any more help.
    (p.s. :which hospital are you working OR at)