Final Year UK Student looking for elective placement

  1. Hi

    I am a final year nursing student at the Florence Nightingale School of nursing and midwifery, London. I have the opportunity of a 4 week elective placement in Aug 2003, which I would like to complete in Canada (eventually i would like to work here). Initially I have contacted a few hospitals in Toronto, some didn't reply others politely refused! What would be nice if any nurses out there know if their hospitals will take students from UK and could provide me with contact details (preferably Toronto or Vancouver but anywhere would be nice). The elective can be observational so we don't need to undertake invasive procedures etc but I would arrange insurance etc.

    Hope somebody can help.

    Gordon Ferguson
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  3. by   fergus51
    BC Womens in Vancouver takes students. You can either try to contact them directly or try to get a hold of a school and do it through them. It is often easier to do it through a university in the area, like Langara College. I think the woman responsible for placing students is Michelle DeJaray or something like that. Try calling the switchboard at 604-875-2000 and ask to be connected to her voicemail. My niece did a placement last winter in their low risk L&D and loved it.
  4. by   Marijke
    Hi Gordon,

    What area are you interested in? I have no idea if my hospital does these kind of things, but I could ask next week. I work in Kelowna BC, a nice town to spend your summer and not to far from Vancouver.

  5. by   biggor
    Hi Marijke

    Ideally I would be interested in cardiac, ITU/ICU or Emergency Room. What I am really after is the experience of being in a Canadian hospital for a month so it doesn't really matter. if you could ask that would be great, basically it would be in an observational capacity.


  6. by   Marijke
    OK I will see what can be done. I have no idea if it is possible. The good thing is, you are trying during a period where our own students are on holidays.