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  1. I am a nurse in the Philippines. And I am planning to work in california. But so sad to hear that California service center is very much congested with papers to work for immigration visas. And so I really wanna know if the processing of immigrant visas for nurses takes longer in california than in any other states? In my case, I want my visa to be processed as fast as possible. Thanks!
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  3. by   lawrence01
    Moved your thread here at the Int'l nursing forum where it is more appropriate. Please take the time to read the Stickies above, esp. Suzanne's "Primer".

    CA service center has ceased to take in and process I-140 petitions for quite sometime now. It is now bi-specialization and Nebraska and Texas are the two service centers assigned for I-140 petitions. ALL I-140 petitions are now filed initially to NSC and then they have the option to keep it or transfer to TSC. So, it is now on a first come first serve basis (almost).

    Have you taken the NCLEX yet? Which State? VisaScreen?
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  4. by   Silverdragon102
    also retrogression is in progress at the moment and no one is sure how long it is going to last and coming from the Phillipines you will be affected
  5. by   extreme
    Thanks a lot.
    I have my Visa screen certificate already. And I will be taking my NCLEX soon. I applied ny NCLEX in Vermont.
    I hope the problem of retogrssion will be resolved soon.:spin:
  6. by   lawrence01
    Keep us updated on your NCLEX. You can be petitioned base on your CG exam but you'll have more options and a better contract if you've passed the NCLEX.