Filipino nurse working in the UK wants to work in the US. Please help. I need advice.

  1. Please help me what I should do. I am working as a nurse here in the UK for over 2 years but want to relocate to the US. My nurse education is from the Philippines.
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  3. by   simkale
    Rough guide - you will need to look through various previous post about this topic as many people have answered it in detail before.

    1. Apply to CGFNS for CES report.
    2. Apply to preferred state BON for authority to sit NCLEX
    3. Take NCLEX
    4. Find employer.
    5 File for Visa
    6. Philippines is currently listed on countries affected by retrogression- check waiting period on website
    7. Get your green card
    8. Pack your bags fly to USA
    9. Live the American dream

    If you want an easy life start from step 4 finding a recruitment Agency who will help you through all the stages 1-9.
  4. by   nurseTina:)
    Oh thank you for replying to my query. You are very helpful.