filipino nurse: uk vs ireland

  1. So I've been looking around job vacancies in the uk and ireland through agencies and I am wondering which among the 2 is a better choice considering the salary, opportunities for growth and the cost of living. I had observed that the offer in Ireland is a little bit bigger than the offer in london. Is it worth it? Which would be a better choice among the 2?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    London is very expensive to live in and demand is always high
  4. by   arwen_0195
    Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated! More please! Thanks!
  5. by   dodoy
    I think the salary offers for both countries don't differ that much. Many people are a bit quick to jump that Ireland's offer is higher because they often miss the currency sign before the values. One must take into consideration that the currency for Ireland is Euro and GBP (pounds) for UK.

    In comparing offers, there are also factors to consider such as the place of deployment (whether in the city or countryside) as this can affect the range of wages that you can receive. Same goes with other commodities like housing, cost of food and other necessities, etc.

    In terms of opportunities, I have no idea how it goes in Ireland. In the UK, the opportunities for growth vary per Trust depending on the funds, policies, the need for advanced practice staff, etc.
  6. by   arwen_0195
    Thank you! I actually coverted both currencies to my local currency and noted that Ireland is a couple of thousands higher. The deployment areas are in Dublin and London.
  7. by   dodoy
    They used to be almost the same a few months back, but the effect of Brexit really hit it hard.
  8. by   jollanICRN
    Take into consideration the new immigrant law of UK
    "35,000 GB pounds rule".....Yuh Nursing profession is under the Occupational shortage list FOR NOW, but how about after 3-5 years? If you are planning to stay for good in the UK, then make sure that you'll earn 35k GB pounds..because it may or may not affect your application for ILR ..... Make certain that you have IELTS for UKVI for NMC & visa processing because if you only took the IELTS Acad, they will require you to take UKVI. You also need to pass the CBT, process your NMC assessment docs and visa, then book a ticket to London. You'll earn a Band 4 salary until you completed the OSCE and received your NMC pin. For Ireland, you must have a passing band score for IELTS Acad, download the NMBI Application Form, wait for the packs, send it back to NMBI, then pray for a positive NMBI decision letter. for overseas applicants, either you'll take the path for Adaptation or RCSI / Aptitude Test ...
  9. by   NurseFromD
    Are you in ireland now?