Feb 2007 CRNE Result

  1. Hello everyone,
    i am just wondering if anyone knows when the Feb 2007 CRNE result will be out. i was told that only June Exams took two months to get marked. Those people that wrote in October got thier result in November ending. Please let me know if you have any clue. The waiting period is very frustrating.

    thank you
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  3. by   bluedanube
    I am counting the weeks too and it is very hard to keep cool. For days I can put the issue out of my mind but there are days I am in a panic mode.Did I answer this question right or not?!?
    My tutor said that in February there are less students sitting for the CRNE, therefore it takes less time to get the results. So maybe it is "only" 10 weeks or so instead of 12 weeks. Who knows but I feel that even 6 weeks would be long enough to get the results. When I told my family and friends that it would take 12 weeks to know if I passed or failed they all looked at me in disbelieve and horror.
  4. by   gchelak
    unfortunately when I wrote it in Oct 2006, I didn't get the results until Jan 2007!
  5. by   lolababy
    I am surprise, what province did you have your exam because i know the result of October 11 2006 exam came out last week of November 2006 for everyone in Toronto.
    The result of June 7 exam came out 3rd week in August.
    And i understand that the only different in receiving time is mailing time and cannot be more that 3 business days interval.
    Thans for your response
  6. by   gchelak
    Alberta- it gets marked in Ontario, then goes to the provincial nursing assoc, then out to us. It took 2 weeks for me to get my license in the mail after I sent in the form too!
  7. by   bluedanube
    I have received my result today(26. March). I was surprised because it has not been 7 weeks that I wrote the CRNE.
    I passed it for the first try!!
    I am so happy but also nervous if I really know that much?!!??
  8. by   haggs
    Congratulations Where did you write your exam? I still have not recieved any results.
  9. by   bluedanube
    Thank you! I wrote it in Vancouver, BC.
    I do not know what the difference is between provinces but I am sure yours is coming soon. It is in a big white envelope, at least here in BC.
    I hope that you can celebrate too! Good luck!