fantastic new medical course for nurses

  1. I've just begun a diploma in theoretical medicine with SOHANS and thought I'd tell you all about it. I'm currently working full time in IVF and had wanted to learn something new for a while. I discovered this course while surfing the internet and it sounded really interesting. The course covers lots of subjects including much of the normal medical syllabus but also some really interesting stuff such as evolutionary medicine, evidence based medicine, world health and behavioural neuroscience and for us full time workers out there its distance learning so I'm doing it in my spare time. Even though I've been out of education for what feels like an eternity I got back into it pretty easily and am really enjoying it. Hopefully by the time I finish there should be some theoretical medicine jobs out there but even the little that I've learnt so far has been relevant to my job. I'd definitely recommend the course to anyone, particularly those already working for the NHS, and just ask if there's anything else you want to know.
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    Welcome to the site, you sound really enthusiastic about your new course, it is always nice when you find something that is interesting and captures imagination.

    I do have a few questions though, out of curiosity, Where do you see the diploma in theorectical medicine taking you, what sort of jobs do you think will be available with this qualifications, how is it relevent for nursing? I also notice that your profile states your a nursing student and your post states your work full time in IVF, how do you manage to work full time and commit to nursing studies and undertake this additional course, it must be very hard work.

    I have had a really good look at the website and to be honest am dubious as to the validity of the qualifcations in the UK. Would be interested to see how you get on. My other thought was that the course fees seem really excessive. They don't seem to be able to guarentee clinicals unless you work in St Lucia or USA, and I notice the GMC's stance on these colleges are here

    My only other question is why on earth would a nurse want to do a medical course? there are more than enough good quality, recognised nursing qualifications that would be far more appropraite.

    Could you give a bit more information about how this course is relevent to UK nursing and if it is recognised at diploma, degree or masters level by the NMC?
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    Good questions Xb9s