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Hello Suzanne & All, I `m still having trouble with the CVS N.Y. :uhoh3: . It really looks that they did not get ANY transcripts from Germany . Perhaps N.Y. will accept me without that-I don`t... Read More

  1. by   suzanne4
    Quote from nutella
    Hi Suzanne,
    I want to get licensed in MA , too. Do you think it makes sense to wait for N.Y. BON`s decision or should I get started for initial license in MA ?
    What do you recommend? Waiting until January and see what N.Y. wants me to do and than get these things done, taking NCLEX , getting license and after that endorsement MA?
    I know, I am always puzzled by strange things....
    If I remember correctly, they require the CGFNS exam for initial licensure. I know that they have a language requirement for licensure there.

    If you are in a hurry right now, go the Vermont route.................not sure what else to tell you. NY has always been the easiest way to do things, not sure what is happening there recently with CGFNS with the CVS.
  2. by   nutella
    Hi Suzanne,
    I checked the BON and as far as I understand, CGFNS exam is not required, they have an agency in Texas which does things for them. English is not a problem--I passed all tests (TWE,TOEFL,TSE). I will check Vermont, too. The problem is: If N.Y. decide that they need more evaluation it will take me several more months to get everything done and this will be without endorsement .
    I guess N.Y. is really good if they get all the transcripts but with me it was trouble right from the start But I am optimistic.

    Do you know what this means:" In the event an applicant is not eligible to hold a SSN at the time of nurse licensure application, applicant must submit a completed Affidavit in Support of application to be licensed as a R.N." ? is it a legal document?
  3. by   suzanne4
    Proof that someone is supporting you until you can legally work. Just what has been happening since you have been in the US. Something easy to take care of.:wink2: