Election Results Bode Well For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  1. Election Results Bode Well For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    The democrates easily won the majority in the House of Representatives last night.

    Since immigration reform died in the House of Representatives this year because the Republican leadership prevented the issue from coming to a vote. The change of leadership virtually assures that a bipartisan majority in the House will join the Senate in passing comprehensive immigration reform in 2007.

    According to the bill already passed in the Senate, the Schedule A category and their family members will be exempt from immigration quota for seven years. We can expect that the House will pass similar bill and the President will sign that into law, so the schedule A category retrogression will soon disappear in 2007.

    Good news for nurses, let us celebrate!
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  3. by   RNKay31
    Lets keep praying, ok
  4. by   RGN1
    I'm joining you in those prayers big time!!!
  5. by   t.turnbull
    Well i wish everyone good luck.

    Ive had enough of waiting, three years $1000s spent, bad lawyers and even worse paralegals. i140 approved in jan 2006 immigration have lost my file no sign of it more $ spent still no sign.

    Im off to Australia in jan2008 8 weeks in total from applying for visa and getting job to visa in passport. I can see the sunshine now

    all the best Trevor
  6. by   lawrence01
    Best wishes, Trevor. Keep us updated here at allnurses, ok?