do i need to take the local board?

  1. hello guys!! im new here.. im so thankful i found this forum...anyways, i graduated last March 2006 and took the local boards last June 2006,unfortunately i failed.. im so disappointed and i hav no plans of taking it agen.. m currently here in Oman and im planing to go home in the philippines to review for NCLEX.. but my friends told me i still need to take the local boards.. is it really necessary? i already have my US visa, and m planing to take there.. i hop u guys can help me with this..
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  3. by   asiagarden
    as i know, you don't really need the local licensure exam to be able to take the NCLEX because the Philippine license has got nothing to do to get a US license. I would ask or pm your question to lawrence or to suzanne if i were you coz they basically know a lot about nursing.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    if you failed you have to declare, may be better retaking the exam. Has been a post recently saying something similar to what you are saying
  5. by   suzanne4
    Highly recommend that you retake that exam. You will find it hard to get an employer if you do not, especially after the issues with that exam. You need to list on any application that you took the exam and did not pass it.

    I know it is not the news that you wanted to hear.

    If you did not take the exam in the first place, then you did not need to take it in the first place, but since you did, you really need to show that you passed it.