dialysis nurse... need help!

  1. help please! what if i get trained here (phil) in a dialysis unit for a month... is it worthwhile? can i be a dialysis nurse in the US after that? people say the work is routinary so a month is good enough.. thanks guys..
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  3. by   lawrence01
    I would like to refer you to this thread:

  4. by   devshop
    oh thanks lawrence!!! ive read the thread... very informative... thanks a lot!
  5. by   Sunshine97

    The work in dialysis is route but once you do the renal course you will find that it's intresting in it's own way have been doing haemodialysis for three years and did Peritoneal dialysis and now going in a cardiac transplant itu
  6. by   suzanne4
    Doing a training course in the Philippines without significant work experience in that area, such as at least two years or so will be of no benefit at all for you to do. You will be trained from Day One in the US.

    One month training program will not benefit you at all.

    Suggestion? Save your money.