December 2006 NLE

  1. To all those who originally planned to take the NLE in December 2006 in the Philippines, after all the "Nursing Fiasco" that has happened recently, would you still push through with taking the local board exams come December, or would you move it to some other time, or would you just take the NCLEX directly? I would like to know your opinion. Anyone? Thanks.
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  3. by   tantrum
    Unless you plan to work in the Philippines, it's actually safer not to take any of the NLE and take the NCLEX directly (at least that's what I tell my relatives). Just to avoid being stuck if something silmilar to June NLE happen in the future. But if you are not planning to work in the US, then it's ok to take the Dec 2006 NLE as long as there is no legal challenge to its nature.
  4. by   taekwondomomnurse
    Hi! I am a candidate for the 2006 December NLE but am not sitting for this exam.

    I am taking the NCLEX-RN right after finishing BSN this October & will take IELTS there after.I have read several postings in this forum particularly that of Suzanne's & I believe that taking this route is ideal especially that I do not have plans of working local.

    I plan to take all the exams while I am in Manila before even thinking of leaving for the USA.I guess this will make things simple & systematic for me especially that I have 2 kids & a husband to take care of while we will be in the US.