Davies Report is IN - and it is a bombshell!!

  1. Includes:-

    * Two former health ministers are in the firing line after an investigation recommended manslaughter charges against the surgeon responsible for 13 deaths at Bundaberg Hospital.

    *The author of the report into Queensland's public hospitals doubts whether a $1.2 billion annual funding increase will be enough to bring the state's heath system in line with other states.

    *The report into Queensland's public hospitals has recommended Dr Jayant Patel be charged with manslaughter over the deaths of patients he treated at Bundaberg Base Hospital.

    * District manager Peter Leck also faces dismissal and prosecution by the CMC for official misconduct.

    And Toni Hoffman - the nurse at the centre of all of this has been vindicated!!

    Good on you Toni! Bravo for having the determination and dedication to fight the good fight!!

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  3. by   Grace Oz
    -toni hoffman-
    nurses heroine!
    if by some small chance you get to read this....
    you are representative of what a good nurse is!
    you stood tall, showed courage, dignity, integrity.
    a true blue aussie!
    we're proud of you.
    we thank you!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Saw it on TV last night. Thought of you and your Qld counterparts. Interesting the bit about lack of funding???????
    Do you think they'll be able to extradite that mongrel to face justice?
    I hope so!
  5. by   gwenith
    Grace - not only that but this is a BIG swipe at the beaurocracy that has been lording it over Q Health for far far too long. My personal observations re the culture. They will cut the funding of the hospitals to the bone but order new furniture yearly and bottled water delivered to offices. I saw it time and again in Rockhampton - featherbedding at the expense of the hospital budget. These same beaurocrats will gripe about how "good" nurses have it because "you get six weeks holiday a year":angryfire: NO and I repeat NO amount of careful explanation about how we do NOT get ANY public holidays and only get the 6th week if we work a full rotating roster which in effect means we get FEWER holidays than any other Aust worker just falls on deaf ears. As far as that lot were concerned we were overpaid bedpan carriers and that was that.