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What a brilliant win to our cricketers Today One can only feel sorry for the Poms ...well not to sorry :D... Read More

  1. by   Tookie
    I haven't been able to say yet but it was really great that the Aussies did so well in the cricket. - For the non Cricket followers who may read this the Aussies won the One day world cup last month. It was great to see the team with new players do so well and l was really please with the way that Ponting represented himself. His knock on the day was fantastic and the runs were scored in such a beautiful fashion. Now for all the non believers - i.e. people who really don't understand cricket that is (It is not baseball on valium - as it was described to me once) - He hit so many 6's and 4's and the one handed stroke l thought was just magnificent - Go Boys.
    Now we are off to the West Indies - It will be interesting to see how they go there - Any thoughts on this topic anyone?

  2. by   donmurray
    The youngsters won't remember Phil Tufnell from the England cricket team of old, but he just won the latest UK "I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here!" The celebs version of "Survivor"
    It took place in Oz somewhere, thus proving that it is still possible for an England cricketer to travel down under, and win a series! heh heh heh !
  3. by   J. Tigana
    I am sure that we can all join together in belatedly congratulating the West Indies for their MAGNIFICENT and RECORD BREAKING VICTORY over the Australian touring party.
    That mr. McGrath seems slightly unstable
  4. by   Tookie
    Yes J.Tigana
    The windies did do well to break the victory run - l could say that there have been a number of contributing factors for that ies non stop Cricket for our teams for almost a year etc - but l will be a good sport about it all - BTW - we did win the cup and the series in WI

    Now bring on the Rugby World cup -

    Seroiusly l think it is good for Cricket it was becoming awfully boring with the Aussies winning ALLLLLLLLL the time