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  1. [mouse]hi all.:d
    can anyone help me the "how-abouts" of online payment to cgfns for ces using a credit card (mastercard/visa).
    any information regarding my query will be very appreciated.
    god bless y'all![/mouse]
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  3. by   kathykaye
    you will just have to type the credit card number, name of the owner of the credit card, expiration date etc...
  4. by   pRinSesa
    gee thanks kathykaye..sorry for some follow-up questions again..where will i do that? what if i am not the cardholder, how will i do the online payment? my sister is willing to pay for the fees, so how do i go about that? thanks mucho..
  5. by   kathykaye
    as what i said.. just get the info to your sister.. when you apply either online/by mail, you'll just have to type those infos.. you can do it by yourself eventhough you're not the cardholder.. just get the infos on the card to your sister like the cardholder's name, address, credit card number, expiration date and the last 4 digit at the back of the card. that's it..
  6. by   pRinSesa
    the cardholder's signature is needed in the credit card form which is included in the CES application will my sister countersign the form if she is in the states and i am here in the phil? that is my dilemma right now..
  7. by   kathykaye
    if you're going to apply online, you dont need her signature.

    if you're gonna do the application by mail, just send the form to her and ask her to send your application to cgfns. that's it.