Contracts--please read before signing one - page 3

Contracts that are signed are legally binding in most cases. They should not be signed until you are very sure of what you are signing and what is included and what it not. Also you should know... Read More

  1. by   yhl1975
    Hello Suzanne4,cloud you tel me about Management Health Systems, Inc. d/b/a MedPro Staffing, they are interested to do H1B for me and the contact is with them ,but for Fresenius.?
  2. by   hime17

    I should have read this thread before signing the contracts.
    In my case, I made a contract after I passed NCLEX, CGFNS. So, practically, they didn't pay me anything.
    And they can't give me a job for me right now, I believe I have a right to cancel them.
    Anyway, I have to hire a lawyer.

    I'm just wondering if there is anybody in a similar situation like me? And could cancel them?