Considering a move to Toronto

  1. Hey all...I am an ICU/CCU CCRN with 8 years of experience, considering a move to Toronto in the spring. Can anyone give me an idea of the job market there? I will be coming from a large teaching hospital in the US. Any suggestions on hospitals to pursue? Any advice on the pay rate I can expect? Thanks for any and all help!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Have you got sorted with the Provincial college of RN's until you have met requirements and either received eligibility to sit CRNE or passed CRNE then the likelihood of working will be NO

    There is a link/sticky listing provincial pay rates on the main Canadian forum page
  4. by   Daisy_08
    I wouldn't until you have your license sorted out and a job offer in hand. TO is not an easy place to get a job right now, there just not hiring, not even LTC or homecare.

    I used to work with a gal who worked ICU for 10 or so years as an RN in the US, but without a degree which is standard in Canda. She was allowed to write the RPN (LPN) exam not the RN one, has to go back to school if she wants to be an RN

    I would look into it more before you make any big moves

    Good luck
  5. by   joanna73
    I moved from Toronto last year because of the job market. I was born and raised there. Many hospitals were closing beds and cutting hours, which affected the experienced nurses. New grads have it even worse, and a year later, the GTA is no better.

    With ICU experience, you may have an offer, but only with the BSN. Considering the Toronto is one of the toughest areas to land a job, it's unlikely that an employer will recruit from outside of Canada. Many Canadian nurses are in need of work, so they have a large pool to select from.

    Make sure you get any offers in writing first.