Confidence in RP nursing education system remains high - page 2

some good news for my fellow nurses i guess the news depends on the newspaper you are reading confidence in rp nursing education system remains high: quote: news affecting ofw's... Read More

  1. by   potatomasher
    Quote from ernbabjr
    Just pray according to mam Kuan.. hehehe
    Yikes! hehehe...P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens)
  2. by   angelcharm
    Quote from ernbabjr
    just pray according to mam kuan.. hehehe
    good idea... she should pray for the predicament of the bon members (where she belong)
  3. by   lots_of_luv
    Who cares about the local board anyway? No one can cheat on the US one... so guys don't worry about this PRC thing. Put it in the past and move forward!
  4. by   bloodytom
    is this the same case if i passed but dont really want to register as a nurse? and i have no plans of retaking the exam, because i wont register anyway...

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