Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  1. Hello, Suzanne and everybody!
    I am among those stranded in the last leg of the process, my case was approved by NVC (after 5 years of exams, and lawyer's mistakes...) but no invitation to the interview follows.
    Many lawyers mention prospective CIR as a panacea for the nurses. However, it seems this reform will try to deal with illegal immigration more than with legal one and the nurses were in the legal stream anyway. Besides, the word "comprehensive" implies some big and time-consuming changes which is less preferrable for us than just issuing another extra 30,000 visas meanwhile. What is more, neither seems to be happening now - neither CIR, nor "temporary" extra visas.
    What do you think of this?
    Thank you,
    "A cry from the desperate one".
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  3. by   mpoova
    Hai..there are so many like you.. wating for visas.. 2005 retrogression lasted for 5 months.. This time , it is just 2 months passed after Schedule A become unavailable. . There were some visas available in the month of Dec and Janu 07 too as per bulletin. The congress is new. It will take some time to settle urgent matters. I think the talk of CIR is not hopeful for nurses at the moment as it will take time. We have enough talk in 2006 and even senate approved it..The sad thing now..that there is not enough lobbying effort. and congress cannot understand this unless there is lobbying..

    Hope for the best and wait for good... Relief will come soon in the form of legislation... Belive by mid 2007 Scedule A will be current...

    Somebody , pls correct me.. if I am wrong..
  4. by   suzanne4
    Schedule A was not removed from the Visa Bulletin with the last retrogression.

    I do not expect anything to happen until at least this summer at the earliest.

    When is your actual PD date? Five years ago, or just fairly recently?
  5. by   rozmaril
    Thank you, Suzanne,
    USCIS approved the petition on June, 6, 2006. Until then there were several attempts to pass IELTS and refiling the petition by the incompetent or too busy lawyer.
    We are thinking of Canada direction now, which seems to hide less surprises than USA.
  6. by   suzanne4
    A PD of five years ago and you would be in line for a visa, with just seven months ago, it will not be until visas are released. I would not give up your hopes on the US too quickly. Expect things to open up before you could get things completed for Canada.