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Hi to everyone. I'm 25 yrs old and a would-be 2nd courser nursing student. Like other second coursers, it took me a while of careful consideration in looking for a good nursing school to invest... Read More

  1. by   Syrenz
    hmm... that is not true. We have many students who passed the boards as well as top it too. but i don't want to be bias- i was a regular students so i can't really help you if you're applying for the allied courses. About quality of the school and instructors well: we have good teachers as well as not so good teachers- but heck who doesn't it. If you end up with the latter: you do what normal students usually do- talk crap about them behind their back and then you make an extra effort on your own. but you'll be happy to know the school has been hiring better instructors- every year. About our facilities- it's been heck of an improvement than during my time. So if you're applying this coming school-year, you'll be in a nicer upgraded building. Nicer equipments. Nicer floors. The toilets?!? i let you be the judge of that. =).