Cnmi Bon-rn?

  1. hello. i just passed nclex rn, cnmi bon. the bon said i need to provide them proof of 30hours of continuing education in renewing my license on june 2009. i am here in the philippines and still to take english exam next year. is trainings and seminars here (Philippines) are accepted? the bon have no official website and they are not answering emails. anyboby here who holds CNMI license? need help here.. my friend who holds a license at CNMI will expire on june 2008..thank you. :spin:
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There is no state in the US that is called that, so not sure where you are referring to.

    The continuing education hours can be obtained on the computer and can be done on-line. The programs that are offered in the Philippines will not meet the required hours for meeting this requirement.

    There are various companies that offer them, even some of the nursing magazines have websites and offer the CEs.

    Can you be specific of who you tested for in the first place?
  4. by   morte
    C ommonwealth of N orthern M ariana I slands
  5. by   suzanne4
    Thanks for clarifying that for me, we just refer to it as the Northern Marianas here.

    The same information holds true that I posted above, classes done out of the US unless that have approval from a specific BON to give credit are not accepted as continuing ed credits for the US.