Clinical Pathways/Early Postpartum D/C

  1. I am looking for feedback on two topics related to Maternal/Child care (Postpartum). Firstly, what are some of your viewpoints on early (24 hr or less) post partum discharge for Moms and babies...this would be term, healthy, vaginal deliveries, with no "issues". Secondly do any of you work in a facility where a Clinical Pathway has been implemented in Obstetrics, from antepartum, right through to postpartum discharge? If so, what do you think of the success of the pathway, does it enhance pt. care, expedite discharge, or whatever the purpose of the pathway is supposed to be Thanks for all your help(s)!
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  3. by   fergus51
    Early discharge is great FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE. I personally don't like early discharge when it is a first-time mom, even if she is healthy because it really cuts down on teaching time. It is great for experienced moms who know what they are doing and have support at home. Our public health nurses follow up more thouroughly with early discharge moms and it seems to work well.

    We have separate pathways, and I LOVE them. It includes everything the nurses should be doing (like cord-care, breastfeeding teaching, etc.). This way we know what has been done so we don't get redundant. It is also a great reminder tool for new nurses who would otherwise forget to do some things.
  4. by   anspesho
    Please help me with my assignment clinical pathway for postpartum c-section and vaginal delivery. Thanks for your time.
  5. by   Fiona59
    I worked in a very busy maternity unit which did all the high risk deliveries for a large geographic area. Most vag. deliveries went home the next day. There will always be a few women that want to deliver and go right home. The speediest check out I remember was a six hour turn around. It was her third and she wanted to go home!!

    We had the delivery notes in the chart at the desk and the carepath in the room that was supposed to be signed off as care, education was completed.

    Each discharge was followed up 24 hours later by a visit from a public health nurse who did the PKU testing and removed the cord clamp if necessary or even a c-sections sutures if required. Just fill in the right form with right details and it happened.

    When mum and babe were discharged to distant communities everything was faxed north so the health unit responsible knew they were coming home.