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cgfns finally speaks up. special report: nursing leakage cgfns officials find recomputation of june 2006 board exam scores 'unusual' nurses' us jobs endangered... Read More

  1. by   bonsai_25
    hello again,

    what about the visa screen certificate? do they really need the local license?

    I thought you only need to be an NCLEX passer + ENGLISH exam to be able to apply the visa screen certificate.

    Some of my friends already applied their CES AND CVS. I will ask them if CGFNS honored their licenses. Then I'll tell you guys about it.

    I really think the court should have a decision by next month or even this week so everyone can plan ahead of time of what to do.

    Good day.
  2. by   Mike28770
    well, as our moderators so patiently explain to everybody that has questions about the process, anyone interested can read the information available from the agencies, for example cgfns at their webpage regarding visascreen -- [font='times new roman'] and can download the application booklet here -- [font='times new roman']
    [font='times new roman'][font='times new roman']
    [font='times new roman'][font='times new roman']here are two sentences from the visascreen description which cause me to believe there will be a problem at cgfns/ichp and visascreen with respect to the june 06 nle. [font='times new roman'][font='times new roman']
    [font='times new roman'][font='times new roman']quote
    [font='times new roman'][font='times new roman']the visascreen program is comprised of an educational analysis, licensure validation, english language proficiency assessment, and in the case of nurses, an exam of nursing knowledge.

    the licensure review evaluates initial and all current and past licenses to assure they are valid and unencumbered.
    just as suzanne says, they cannot currently verify your license with prc because of the court problem. what happens after the court makes a decision is anybody's guess. if it goes to the supreme court, then there will be more waiting. that's why suzanne is advising most people that took the june 2006 nle to restest, just to stop the headache.

    just my informed opinion.
  3. by   bonsai_25
    Yep I am waiting for the court's decision, because even if you want to retake the exam, I don't think its open for registration yet or its already closed.. and only 3 people applied for retake in the news hehe.

    If there is a court's decision already, a new set of options will surface again and I am just waiting for that.
  4. by   suzanne4
    and just a little tidbit that all of you are forgettign about. ichp is owned by the same parent company that owns cgfns. and therefore visa screen certificates will not be issued either. it is not just the ces and cgfns exam that are affected..............

    and as said by another poster, if you wish to work in the us, you need to follow their rules. the rules in the philippines, by the courts there, or the prc do not have any bearing on working in the us.

    and for immigration purposes, you need to present a visa screen certificate to immigration for the visa, or no visa will be issued.

    you are free to wait as long as you want, but why would you want to do that? especially if the us is requiring that you retake the exam?
  5. by   lawrence01
    The fastest way a foreign nurse to migrate to the US is still through Employment-based petition (Schedule A) and therefore will have to go through Visa Screen no matter what.

    Family-based petitions takes years, esp. if coming from the Philippines (at least 10 years).
  6. by   pinoy_guy

    president gloria macapagal arroyo is inclined to subject all 42,006 examinees of the recent nursing board exams to a retake of two test subjects that were supposedly leaked in june, a source disclosed wednesday.

    the source said mrs arroyo approved the retake of tests 3 and 5 during a meeting tuesday evening with cabinet officials.

    in that meeting, some cabinet secretaries voiced opposition to the retake, but were supposedly overruled by the president.

    labor secretary arturo brion, who was attending a budget hearing at the senate, the source said, was designated to announce the nursing board exam retake but begged off as he wanted to inform officials of the professional regulatory commission (prc) first about the plans.

    the announcement is expected to take place this week.
    the prc is now farther down in the pecking order:
    he also announced wednesday before the senate finance committee that the prc was now indeed an attached agency of the dole as a result of an unnumbered executive order from the president.
    reacting to comments that the prc had already made public its stance on the issue, brion said: "that (prc's stand) can change."
    the source reported that five persons, mostly academics from reputable nursing colleges, have been shortlisted as nominees to the new board of examiners.
    hopefully we'll have a new bon soon.

    the source was not able to say if the government planned on collecting test fees from the examinees, who had each shelled out p900 for the june exam.
    i hope the retakers won't have to pay anything.
  7. by   Rep
    I hope the retakers won't have to pay anything.[/QUOTE]
  8. by   lawrence01
    Good news for some - The Gov't agreed to pay all the expenses.

    Also, PGMA will be doing it via an Executive Order so some are already arguing that it is already moot and academic that a re-take will indeed take place and no need to wait for the CA decision.

    Only thing that is being discussed is if only parts of the exam is going to be re-taken or all of it. Likewise, if some parts of the country, such as in Zambaonga City (Southern Philippines) don't have to re-take it since allegedly there were no leaks in the southern Philippines.
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  9. by   lawrence01
    New news - The Gov't decided to wait for what the CA will decide but w/ what the Palace already pronouncing that they would prefer a re-take (partial or total) and would fund the re-take exams; it just may sway the CA to decide for a re-take.