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  1. I am an RN in England but have a friend in Ontario whom is caring for their mother.
    The mother is in pain with severe arthiritis. I woundered if there is help available re pain control and also assistance with aids for daily living,,or just a home assessment to maximise the quality of life?
    I said i would try to find out for them
    Thank you
    Annie Nixon
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  3. by   nurseman
    Your friend should contact the local ]Community Care Assess Centre [/URL] as they are organization that contracts out home care.
  4. by   annie nixon
    thanks for the reply
  5. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    What type of tx. is she rec'g for her RA?

    Enbrel subcu. injection biweekly have been helpful with pts. Some have had a 70% reduction in joint pain, swelling, etc...It is a new therapy (within) the last couple of years. It is costly but she may qualify re: severity of her condition.

    Neoral (cyclosporin) has also been used for tx. of RA.

    The CCAC ref. from "nurseman" is a great start. She may also benefit from contacting there local Arthritis Society as well.

    Hope this helps.