CArdina l Santos Medical Center

  1. Anyone who passed the CSMC screening. I just want to ask the timespan of their screening for trainees. I passed the IQ exam last Jan2009 until now I dont have any follow up.. Still no progress..
    Please share your experiences.. Thank You Very Much!!
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  3. by   *EosinophiL*
    I think you should follow up your application with them.. Were you not informed that you can get the results of the IQ test a few weeks after you have taken the exam? This is thru a phone call with them.. You will then be scheduled for an initial interview with the HR.. In my case, after the initial interview with the HR, I was scheduled immediately the next day for the qualifying exam.. Then after 3 days, a staff from the nursing office called and informed me that I passed the exam then I was scheduled for the final interview.. March 23 was the date of that phone call and I was scheduled for April 29 for the final interview.. If you haven't received any phone call for more than a week regarding the result of your qualifying exam, it doesn't mean that you failed in the exam.. You can still follow it up on them.. Luckily, I passed the final interview last April 29 and will start the training on June..

    If you have just followed up your IQ test result with them, maybe you'll be lucky to be included in the batch of training last March or this June.. Their hiring process is faster now that they are under new management..

    My advice.. Just go there personally when you follow up your application.. They are more accommodating.. :spin:

    Godbless on your application..
  4. by   cucumber
    Last January, ater the IQ exam they told me that I passed the exam and they will just call me soon for the interview.. And as of now I dont have any call from them...
    Thank You Very Much for your advice..
  5. by   cucumber
    Hi eosinophil,

    I already called the HR, and they told me to wait because they dont have any vacancy yet. It seems that they are already unaware or declining my application for from January upto now I dont have any call yet, compared to you...
    I wonder if they are also screening the board rating?? Because I only got 79.2%..

    Its so hard to find a job.. grrrrr....

    Lucky You..

  6. by   she_pinayRN
    Hi! are they still entertaining applicants? thanks!
  7. by   mari0186
    Hi she_pinayrn,

    My friend and I went there yesterday. The HR told us that they are now on freeze hiring because they prioritizing their pending applicants... They didn't give us a chance to leave our resume'
  8. by   jsb831
    help please- can you give me directions going to Cardinal Santos from congressional avenue, q.c.
  9. by   skittymoody
    I am about to take my screening exam in Cardinal Santos on August 13, 2009. Do I need to call them first to confirm my schedule of exam or should I go directly in HR dept to have my exam?
  10. by   wersfluffyRN
    @ skittymoody:

    when did you submit your resume and recquirements???
  11. by   skittymoody
    I submitted the requirements for csmc last april and scheduled for initial exam on Aug. 13, 2009.
  12. by   bice29
    can anyone give tips on IQ test and initial screening??
  13. by   Nurse_PUKYAW
    Quote from skittymoody
    I submitted the requirements for csmc last april and scheduled for initial exam on Aug. 13, 2009.
    Elow ther SKITTYmoody can you PM me the requirements in CSMC?? t.y and GOODLUCK
  14. by   mistiknit
    does CSMC still accept applicants?