Cardiac intensive care unit?

  1. Hey, im looking into postgraduate study options, and in the future i hope to travel to Europe and work in the UK while I'm there. Hopefully i will work in the UK for 1-2 years, in 2-6 years time.

    What i would really like to know, is if there are Cardiac ICU's in the larger hospitals in the UK. Currently im working in a cardiac intensive care unit, which i am enjoying, however for further study im unsure if i should study ICU or cardiac care.

    Any information, or advice, is greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps!
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  3. by   XB9S
    Yes there are Cardiac ICU in the larger hospitals in the UK
  4. by   ZippyGBR
    you will generally find cardiothoracic ITU in hospitals with cariothroacic surgety, , elsewhere cariology patients requiring ITU care are cared for on general ITU , none ITU levle critical care cardiology patients will be on ccu - certainly our CCU will take level2 critical care Cardiology patients