cancelling your contracts

  1. has anyone ever did it?

    seriously needing some advice please help!!!!!!
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  3. by   suehp
    Quote from curlysin
    hi there

    just curious to see if anyone has cancelled there contracts with agencies such as ogp?? or have you ever considered it?????? would it be worth paying the $8000:uhoh21:

    seriously needing some advice please help!!!!!!
    I resigned from the hopsital that sponsored me because of various reasons - the top one being that I was doing 5 nights a week and getting split nights off ALL THE time and I was at loggerheads with my Hubby constantly becuase I was tired. Originally I was under the impression I was going to be on 12 hours shifts....If I had them I would still be there now as I loved working there and the Nursing Staff were great and the pt's but Management were something else.......

    I resigned (I didnt come over with an Agency) and had to pay $5000 back - but didnt in the end but this is way too long a story and very complicated for here...suffice to say I only ended up paying half....and if I decided to take this matter further I would probrably get it all back - but as I say it isnt really for discussion here....sorry:wink2:

    If you are truly unhappy and can pay the $8000 back then go for it...I was realtively happy that I got a sign on bonus at the hospital I work at now so that came in handy if I needed to pay the other place off...but watch out for the tax man here too!!!:wink2:
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    darn that taxman lol, hes almost as hated as the postman is this week
    are you post nclex curly? if you are you may find the payback amount is more, mine is but the contracts do vary