Canadian Working in the UaSA with a TN-NAFTA Visa

  1. Hello

    I recently applied in a HCA facility in the MIDWEST; I got my employment letter, but it is three lines long.

    Basically, the letter has been addressed "To Whom It May Concern" ; it has my name , date of birth the type of position, hours per week (full-time) , salary and the name of the facility. It has been signed by the N. Recruiter HR. and it has the contact phone #. It is on stationary letter paper.

    My question is, do you think this is good enough or will I be required by the official to bring another that it clearly states that I am being petiotioned for the TN-NAFTA visa.

    I ask this because the NRecruiter told me that that is the only employment letter she can give me.

    What are your experiences can you share?
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  3. by   danigirl58
    my letter of employment was kind of short but long. it had to be on company letter head and it had to state where id be working what unit the wage that id be getting (ft hrs) and that it was to be for a 1 year length of employment. um im not at home so i cant look at my letter but I know that they are kind of picky with what they want in it..... some do anyways
    dont know if this helps you or not but thought that id put in my 2 cents
  4. by   tetitto
    Thanks for the information; I will try with the employment letter I already have; it only lacks the length of the the contract.

    Again thanks.