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  1. I am a RN working in a children's hospital in Canada. I have 2 years peds experience and 1 year adult experience (but will never return to adult care). In about a year and a half, I would really like to go off to Australia and work in a pediatric hospital.
    I have looked at several websites (, AHPRA - Nursing and Midwifery
    , Welcome Page) and have not found any real answers to the steps I might take to become licensed in Australia or any agencies that place internationally trained (a.k.a. Canadian) nurses in different positions.

    I currently work on a surgical unit that covers about 10 different services but want to get critical care experience before I go to Australia, as it seems as many travel nursing agencies look for critical care experience, and it interests me much more than the unit I am on now. I am curious how much (in months-years) experience nurse managers or agencies might consider appropriate to place a nurse in a PICU outside of the nurse's home country. There are several PICU positions open right now in my hospital but I have some other factors playing into when I can accept a new position (2-month trip planned for the spring-summer!)

    If anyone has any advice, especially regarding how to become a nurse in Australia, any legitimate agencies I can contact, how much PICU experience would be needed for a PICU position, and work visas, it would be really appreciated! I would be looking for a 3-6 month contract (temporary), possibly part-time so I can travel within Australia/NZ at the same time!

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    the Australian licensing board is mentioned in a few places both on this forum and the Australian forum. Starting point would be there and then apply for jobs. I knew someone that did what you did and went with an agency but was several years ago. Also have you checked the Australian government website to see if there is something you can apply for without using an agency
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    You don't need an agency. Decide what state/city you want to go to, and contact the children's hospital directly. Eg. Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Westmead Children's in Sydney.