Canadian OR Nurse looking to work in Arizona

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading and reading the blogs and have got some info with regards to heading to Arizona. I presently have a house in AZ and am looking to relocate. I have been nursing in Ontario for the past 25 years. I am looking for a step by step process that would help me get through all the possible road blocks. This is what I have obtained thus far...

    (1) Apply for my license from AZ
    (2) Write the Nclex
    (3) Apply for my TN Visa
    (4) Somewhere in the process get my fingerprints done?
    (5) Get my SSN # (not sure when)

    Am I on the right track? Can anyone provide some guidance and the proper steps. Love to hear from a Canadian Nurse in AZ that can give me some insight.

    Thanks a bunch!!
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  3. by   mardibc
    You will need to get a Visascreen done by CGFNS before a TN can be issued and I think Arizona requires it before issuing a license or authority to test. I would give the board of nursing a call. I have Minnesota and NY licences and am applying for my first TN next month. Hope that helps and good luck!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    I didn't need VSC for AZ as vsc requires a pass in NCLEX or CGFNS exam and AZ do not require CGFNS exam just CES. You do need VSC for TN so need to apply for that ASAP after passing NCLEX as it can take anything from 1-4 months to be issued. I think AZ will not issue a license without a SSN and that can be applied once in the US with your TN visa. Remember you need a employer for the TN visa as you need a employer letter
  5. by   mardibc
    this is from the arizona board of nursing website:

    applicants educated in a foreign country (including canada and *puerto rico)
    for a professional or practical nurse to obtain licensure by examination you must meet the
    requirements listed from a
    note: you will not be eligible to test until arizona state board of nursing has received
    documentation validating your educational requirements.

    it is to your advantage not to apply for licensure until you have completed the
    [font=timesnewromanps-boldmt][font=timesnewromanps-boldmt]commission on graduates of
    foreign nursing schools
    3600 market street, suite 400
    philadelphia, pa 19104-2651
    phone: (215) 349-8767

    validation of education requirements process or received a copy of the evaluation report.
    because these processes are lengthy, the timeframe for your application may expire before
    the information is received. a permanent license will not be issued until an educational
    report & language validation are sent to azbn by the organization.
    a. validation of educational requirements
    request an application from commission on graduates of foreign nursing
    schools (cgfns) to obtain
    one of the following: [font=timesnewromanps-boldmt][font=timesnewromanps-boldmt]international education
    research foundation
    p.o. box 3665
    culver city, ca 90231
    phone: 310-258-9451
    fax: 310-342-7086


    1. the health care professionals course by course report
    2. the full education course by course report
    3. visa screen certificate
    4. cgfns certification

    also, take a look at their website as it appears things has recently changed in feb/10.
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Looking at what you have posted if you have CES done by CGFNS then you do not need VSC or CGFNS exam. If you have VSC or done CGFNS exam for another state then you can submit or use VSC or CGFNS exam instead of getting CES report done
  7. by   LBLUV2RUN
    Thanks for the info Silverdragon and Mardibc... it appears it can be confusing and somewhat frustrating as I do not know all the jargon yet. One of my questions is.... would a hospital actually look at you and hire, if you don't even have the TN Visa. How reluctant are they to hire when you don't even meet all the requirements yet.

    This may be a little out there and please nobody take this the wrong way but I'm just trying to be a realist and don't want to think that there are tons of jobs and they will pick up little ol' me the Canadian. Would/are hospitals waiting to fill the positions with US nurses and at last resort taking foreign trained?

    Thanks LBLUV2RUN
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    You can not get a TN visa without a employer because you need a employer's letter. yes hospitals can offer you a job but you may have to explain that you need a letter enabling you to get the visa that will allow you to work.
  9. by   LBLUV2RUN
    Thanks again for the clarification.
  10. by   ghillbert
    You absolutely do need the Visa Screen - it's a federal requirement.
  11. by   LBLUV2RUN
    Thanks ghillbert !
  12. by   Matt511
    Rather than create a new thread I just want to add to this one, as I feel I am on the same boat somewhat. I'm looking to relocate, I understand I have to do the VISA screen through CGFNS; I'm getting the paper work for that ready at the moment.

    My question is, I am going to Scottsdale next week to visit family, is there anything I can or should do while in the state? I'd hate to be there, have an opportunity to get something done and not do it. I'm not in a huge rush as I am taking the perioperative course in Canada, and it won't be done until the fall of 2012. I have heard the whole process of obtaining a license can take a while though.
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Have you registered with AZ BON and passed NCLEX? To be honest nothing can really be done whilst in the states except wait