Can You Clear Up My Confusion ?

  1. [color=#464646]i am looking at a school and these are the requirements:
    [color=#464646]three university transfer first year courses* equivalent to 18.0 credits, which include the following:
    [color=#464646]- english 1127 and 1229 or equivalent with a minimum c+ or better in each course
    [color=#464646]- biology 1120 and 1220 (human anatomy & physiology), or equivalent within the last five years with a minimum c+ or better in each course
    [color=#464646]- two semesters (6.0 credits) of a humanities course (psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, or another humanities course) with a minimum c+ or better in each semester.
    [color=#464646]now does that just mean that i need three university courses out of the list or three plus the english,biology,and humanities?
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  3. by   Sarah Hay
    I think what that means is that you need three of what is listed. I'd wait for a couple more responses before keeping that as the answer though. Hehe!

    :redpinkhe Sarah Hay, SN
  4. by   Just A Wanderer
    Yes, you need the listed university courses but in total there are actually four courses, not three since the last requirement is asking for TWO semesters of the Humanities course - so, in total, you should have 12 credits in this requirement. You need 18 credits so I'm assuming the English and Biology course are each worth 3 credits.
  5. by   Just A Wanderer
    Of course, I could be totally wrong...
  6. by   ashschu
    From what I can understand they are saying you need three first year courses which in this case I am taking to mean two semesters of one course. One Fall and one Winter course will = one first year course. Notice how they say the courses will include the following, and also make note of the "ANDs"

    So they said you need three, to include:
    English 1127 AND 1229 (or equiv.) --- Course One
    Biology 1120 AND 1220 (or equiv.) --- Course Two
    Fall AND Winter courses of a chosen elective --- Course Three

    So I think they mean you need 6 courses (fall and winter) total which will = three complete first year courses. Especially if you consider usually first year courses are 3 credits each and they are asking for 18 credits. 18 credits / 3 credits = 6 courses

    Clear as mud?? lol Also - I am assuming this is the way it is because that is how it is at the colleges I am interested in. You need TWO first year English, TWO Anatomy and Physiology Biology, and TWO chosen (but approved) electives.