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hello there fellow kababayan and fellow nurses....I have a it ok to have 2 employer proceessing your visa documents at the same time....???:confused:... Read More

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    there is an agency here offering me an immigrant visa to US?they want to consider me these option. we all know that there is a huge backlog on visa, that is why im hesitant to accept it. they say that the processing is long so, i will be allowed to work in other agency while my papers are ongoing. i can work abroad if i want as long as i would let them know. what really is the working condition for nurses in the US right now? they are verbal telling us that there is a shortage of nurses in USA. that is why they are eager to replace retrogression got to take long 4 years? because i wanted to accepted the offer and while they are processing, il be working in other country?what do you think? can you forsee any problems in the future?
    They can offer all that they want, but you are looking at perhaps more than seven years if things continue as they are just due to the number of applicants from your country. Unemployment is nearing 10% in many areas, and if it exceeds that in the majority of the country it is actually going to be considered a depression and not a recession. Nurses are getting laid off here and hospitals have hiring freezes in place in many locales.

    You will be making a very smart and educated decision to work abroad. Just be careful with the cancellation clause in the contract for the agency for the US, you may actually prefer it and not want to leave.