CAN anyone out there help?????

  1. am going to be searching this site, as i need info for problems that have arose with my visa to get here. And It all has to do with Visa Screening, CGFNS. I need legal advice..
    anyone, ANYONE out there know of NOT an immigration lawyer, but one that has to do with HEALTHCARE, and complying with everything i had to go through.
    I started in 2002. Studied for 1 yrs. to do the NCLEX PN for MA.
    Did it, passed it.
    Then in the process, while i did this, i was applying under "SKILLED NURSING " for a H1B Visa
    I had done 22 yrs. of Geriatric nursing, had my Ontario licensure, my cori check was done, etc etc.
    I had a U.S. Lawyer, had to fire him in 2005 as he dragged his feet!. Another lawyer who was excellent, took his place, he got me my interview which finally came up at a U.S. Consulate, and i passed May of 2007, I got to the border, they said, sorry, you don't have the Visa Screening from CGFNS. ~! :angryfire i couldn't believe it.
    So i applied, now CGFNS have told my after sending all infor . to them from my schools, that i do NOT have enough clinical / theory, in 3 places. Can anybody help me. I need a lawyer. A health professional, lpn lawyer!!!! I did NOT wait for 6 1/2 yrs for nothing. They don't even teach these 3 areas separately in canada, nor do they in the State!!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    I am going to move this to the International forum as I am sure you will get more help but you will not be able to get VSC without meeting immigration requirements and if that means you are hours short in certain areas then you will need to make them up. I always thought for immigration purposes you need to be RN not PN which may be another issue you face with immigration. I am sure Suzanne will be able to answer this much better.
  4. by   suzanne4
    You have a few issues and I am sure that you are not going to be happy with the information that I am going to be posting, but you asked for the correct information.

    The H1-B is no longer available for nurses, and has not been available for more than three years now. The only visa that you have available for you to work in the US is the permanent residency, or the green card as it is better known. The problem that you now face it that the PN exam is not accepted for the green card, you must be able to write the RN exam and only that to be able to work in the US. There is a shortage of RNs, but not LPNs; so no visas available under that classification.

    LPNs are no longer able to get a visa to work in the US, does not matter that you went thru the interview at the US Embassy, the issue is that the visa that you interviewed for is no longer available. And to add to that, there are no visas currently available for anyone to get a green card for the US, but as a Canadian citizen, you could qualify for the TN Visa but only with the RN after your name, that is a requirement for that as well.

    And any visa to work in the US as a nurse, requires the Visa Screen Certificate from CGFNS. They do comply with the requirement for the LPN with that, but you need a visa to work in the US, and with the LPN, that is only going to happen if you marry and American or green card holder. Sorry, but no other way.

    You are not going to find an attorney that specializes in LPNs as they cannot get a visa to work in the US any longer.