Can anyone help this braveheart?

  1. Hi there I don't know if I'm in the correct place I come from scotland but I am looking to immigrate to your great country soon and have just had recruitment agency looking for where I would like to go and work. Could anyone give me any advice on where to work, australian healthcare system and wages? I have been researching on the net but I'm in such a muddle.
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  3. by   Tanvi Tusti
    Hi em,
    Im a UK nurse working in Sydney for the second time in 2 years and absolutly loving it. Easy and quick processing to get here and no exam to take. If you are UK trained then your qualification is recognised so its just a matter of getting all the paperwork together.

    There really is no need to go via an agency, most hospitals will offer sponsorship. First you need to register with the NMB (if you want to work in NSW), heres a link to their site which outlines what you need to do:

    That took the longest for me, around 8 weeks. After that call up hospitals and see if they would be willing to sponsor you. Then apply to DIMA:

    Under 457 employeee sponsered visa (which can be complted online). That took 4 weeks for approval. It allows you to work in Oz for up to 4 years, but if you want to stay longer, its just a formality once you are there to apply for permanent residency. Nurses are on the priority workers list so it really is that easy and not particularly costly either. My main expense was getting all my certificates notorised. The actual fees are negligible. One tip, as soon as you get there, open a bank account, all you need is your passport, but after 6 weeks it gets way more complicated.

    My salary is around the same as I got in the UK, they pay very much depending on how many years experience you have, overall we have slightly less free money but the lifesytle makes up for that.

    Australia's health system offers a comprehensive range of public and privately funded health services. You can choose whether to have Medicare only:

    or a combination of Medicare and private health insurance. Medicare, the Australian Government health scheme, provides help with basic medical expenses like free treatment in public hospitals, and free or subsidized treatment by general practitioners and some specialists.

    All permanent residents are eligible to join Medicare, with restricted access granted to citizens of certain countries which have a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia. (Which the UK does).
    To enrol in Medicare you should wait approximately seven days after your arrival and then go to any Medicare office (listed in the telephone book) with your passport or travel documents. If all enrolment requirements are met, you will receive your Medicare card with your number, in the post.

    Good luck and let me know if you want any more info.

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  4. by   emjcat
    Hi Tanvi
    Thanks for the info its great. I've been contacted by 2 agencies saying that adelaide and nsw are the best places to work, is this the case? I've got 2 teenagers and really apart from extending my experience I'm moving to give them a better life therefore where I go needs to centre this. Any ideas?
  5. by   gwenith
    Anywhere in Australia is great but Queensland is best!!!
  6. by   Tanvi Tusti
    Hi em
    I guess it depends on what kind of place it is that you want to live. Australia is a vast country, lots of differing styles of living. If you like 24/7 living, lots to do, shopping, etc then a big city like Sydney is great. If you like the opposite kind of quieter life then obviously the more rural areas would suit. I really dont know what the agency means by telling you that Adelaide and NSW are the best places to work. I suppose they are looking at support mechanisms for foreign trained staff or something of the sort, because I have friends living in other areas, who say its great to work there. Its personal choice that comes into it more than anything.
    Like Gwenith says, Queensland, is a lovely place, but then again, so is NSW. Have you ever visited Oz? It does help to know what it is that you will be moving to.
    How old are the kids? Most schools in Oz charge a fee, so do bear that in mind. They have quite a few prestigous schools too that offer entry to selected students gifted in specific areas, again with a fee attached. Im not to sure of the costs involved, it varies from school to school. Im sure the kids would love it here, I know we do. Feel free to ask anything you need help on.
  7. by   Interested Party
    Quote from gwenith
    anywhere in australia is great but queensland is best!!!:d

    yay! queensland! have you checked out qld health work for us website?