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You always hear about nurses coming to the US from outside the country, but is it possible for US nurses to work in a UK hospital? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I know that I've... Read More

  1. by   Taryn
    What can you tell me about cultural differences there? Was the adjustment an easy one? How about nursing in general? Are your duties similar to those you would have in the states? I have been working in the U.S. Virigin Islands in a family med. clinic/urgent care. The population here is predominantly of African descent and there are a few other ethnic groups in the mix as well. I've been here 8 months and am still getting adjusted to the customs and language.
    I did locate Contech on the net but there was no link to send them mail. I have been surfing the net for months looking for sites that could be useful and have gotten very few responses. I did get one yesterday from a recruitment company in London. The recruiter seemed very interested so that provided some much needed encouragment.
    Thank you again for taking time to try to help.

  2. by   Kaylesh
    There are some cultural differences.. and depending on where you end up in the UK more so..Lots of immigrants from different countries. Where I am now we seem to see lots of Australians,South Africans,English,Scottish. The language does take some getting used to . .and again this varies from area to area...just as in the US where there are different names for the same thing depending on what state you are in.. The accents are different from area to area as well and some are thicker and more difficult to figure out,and if they throw in the local slang then forget it LOL.. its like learning a whole new language. hehe.
    I have found that in general the nurse here has less responsibilities regarding the patient .. that could be because I was in a teaching hospital however.. Where I am now is in research and that is totally different from any kind of nursing I've ever done..
    Here are two websites that post jobs in scottish and english hospitals..

    when i've got time i'll go through my favourites and see what i can find as far as agencies and stuff for you if you like.
  3. by   Taryn
    Thank you once again. I'll check those sites out.
  4. by   Janey
    Taryn is a good site for jobs within the North East of England (near the border), covering areas between Berwick and Leeds and includes Newcastle and Teeside areas. Once you've clicked job search type in nurse and it will give you the vacancies in the different nursing disciplines and grades within these areas.
  5. by   srose
    Looks like I found this thread a little late...

    I'm also an American who would love to be able to work in England or Scotland at some point...just wondering if anyone knows how much experience is necessary before applying to a nursing agency in the UK?
  6. by   Taryn
    Your advice is much appreciated. I'll check out the sites you suggested. It looks like an agency will be the simplest way to get this started as they can guide me through the application process. ..trying to do this without their aid looks quite daunting.
    Is anyone familiar with the roles a nurse might fulfill in the cardiac cath lab over there? In the U.S. we are allowed to circulate,monitor, and scrub cases.
  7. by   sbic56
    A coworker of mine visited the UK and says the nurses there are paid much less than we are and that most of those who are travelling there are younger people out for an adventure and not to make money. True, UK nurses?
  8. by   Kaylesh
    It is true that nurses here are paid way less than in the US.. I can say this with open eyes as I am a US trained RN that grew up and was trained in Massachusetts. I worked in Mass until july 99 when i came over here to Scotland to fulfill a long time dream of mine to work and live here.. They pay stinks.. nursing shortage exists here.. however... there is still something about this place that I love.. I've got no plans on leaving... there are private hospitals and research agencies that pay a bit better still no where near what i was making in the US..
    THere are some things more important than or $... I love the pace of life here and all the people i've met have been great..
    Feel free to ask any questions..
  9. by   Taryn
    If you look at the job postings from some of the sites mentioned here, many list what the pay for the position will be. It looks as though you would make about half of what a U.S. nurse would. I haven't heard anything regarding the ages of nurses making the transition from here to there.
  10. by   GbGirl
    Hi, I am English, but lived in Virginia for the past nine years. I am an LPN and I was wondering if that is a qualification that can be used in the UK, or should I try and get my RN before thinking about going home.
    I am excited about this site, it is lovely to hear from other English people, although it makes me feel even more homesick.
    Thanks for any info.

  11. by   Kaylesh
    Hiya Deborah,
    I'm not sure if the LPN would be the same or similar to the Enrolled Nurse position here. The best advice I'd give it to check out the Nursing Midwifery Council website.. Used to be calle the UKCC...
    web addy is

    As you saw by my previous post.. Its actually fairly easy for a US trained nurse to get work over here as the shortage is everywhere.. If you are a US citizen you'd need a work permit to work here . You said you're English sooo if you have a British Passport and are a British citizen you'd not even need the work permit.
  12. by   J. Tigana
    Sorry GBGirl you can't work in England as an LPN. I know someone who investigated that possibility and was told that although the education might be roughly equivalent to that of an enrolled nurse, that it was not possible to work as an enrolled nurse unless you had trained in Britain. Also it is not possible to enter a conversion program i.e E.N. to R.G.N. unless you have trained in Britain. Enrolled nurses are being or have almost been phased out. If and when you become registered as an R.N. you can work in almost any country you like, once you pass their qualifying exam if they have one. As you can no doubt tell I feel that it would be better for you to obtain a qualification as an R.N.
  13. by   Coldfoot
    Anyone know about acceptance from an american ADN program?