campbell is a naughty boy

  1. In Vernon we have four orderlies in our hospital who are just wonderful. They are expected to do almost anything and everything from morgue duty to code whites, to night cupboard to old charts, in addition to male caths, irrigation, shave preps for angios, (male pts), code blues throughout hospital. With the new cutbacks, the orderlies have been given their pink slips. What a stupid place to cut back!! Campbelll awards his ministers a 34% wage increase at the start of their election, probably puffy pensions too, and he cuts back at the working level. Now to find out there will maybe be no bumping rights and serverence pay as it would be too costly. I feel so sorry for our orderlies who work so hard,often go without breaks in their chaotic shifts, have worked for so many years, and suddenly get kicked in the teeth. Campbell should roll back his wages as well as those of his way too many ministers and private secretaries to set a good example for the province of BC.You can bet if campbell needs medical care in a hurry he wouldn't have to wait, would probably get a private room. and surgery that day if needed. If he needs his colon cleansed, oh please. let me, hehehehehehehe....come to me my pretty..........
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  3. by   fergus51
    I HATE GORDON CAMPBELL!!!! The man is pure EVIIIILLLLL! I am moving out of BC when my lease is up in January next year. Went to the job fair in Vancouver and hospital recruiters were practically drooling over me...

    He's also talking about changing the contracts for all of the rest of them too (cooks, laundry, housekeeping, etc). And the thing with the teachers!!! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! I almost thing I liked Glen better... Oh God! I can't believe I just wrote that! Well, I guess that says just how much I hate Gordo... I want in on that colon cleanse! I'll drive to Vernon if I have to!
  4. by   fergus51
    Oh, I heard him say the politicians need their raises in order to attract people to the profession....Guess that doesn't hold true for nurses and teachers....
  5. by   Marijke
    It is the tradition in many countries that healthcare and education are the first ones to be cut when there is a need for money. Patients and kids tend to not fight back.
    I work in the OR and we have a brand new room sitting there, but the funding is suddenly unavailable to staff the place. This while the waiting lists are very long. For a total knee it can be 2 1/2 year!!!!! I think that is cruel to people. I much rather pay a little more taxes and give the people of BC the healthcare they deserve.

  6. by   snickers
    I think that these are the "good old days"...just wait, we haven't seen anything yet.!! I am still in shock and disbelief as to what this government has done, this is the advent of privatization in B.C.and likely the rest of Canada.
    Any specifics yet on the B.C.N.U contract???

  7. by   snickers
    Take a look at and then see how far this government has gone. Fergus51---can I come too?

  8. by   fergus51
    Of course you could! The more the merrier!
  9. by   Paprikat
    Campbell is SATAN!
    I moved here from Ontario, because that jerk Harris cut back the same way they are trying to do. It was impossible to find a job. Now Ontario is crying, too for nurses. And all the cutbacks hurt people (think Walkerton).
    We had a general audit, nursing and structural last week to see if our facility will be one of the ones that will shut down. Ridiculous! Where are they going to put these seniors? Let me guess? In an acute care bed!?!
    We still have not received our pay raise from April 1-01, our boss says he hasn't "received the funding yet." HEU has confimation that he does have the money. What will HEU do? Nothing! If they can't fight the government, how can they fight our boss, who is no doubt, laughing as us!
    Our dedicated housekeepers, laundry and dietary may soon be out of a job.
    I fear for healthcare...I fear for all BC residents. I am also disgusted that he cut the seniors subsidized bus passes. it makes me wonder, when these men and women were fighting in the wars for our freedom, did they think that they would get screwed like this!?!
    Sorry to ramble....
  10. by   Marijke
    Just to add insult to injury, the BCNU has decided to take another levy off our hard earned dollars. I am so sick and tired of having to spend more than a paycheck every year, in order to be allowed to work (BCNU and RNABC) combined. So they can spend time in their nice office building with rooftop gardens . What about the bedside nurses, who are spending their working hours in substandard conditions.
    Don't get me wrong unions and registration boards are important, but I say enough is enough. I don't see why I should be working 2 weeks every year without pay.
  11. by   RNkat
    Personally I'm tired of the whining and complaining. (Not meaning anyone in particular). All I see is media reports on how horrible the gov't is, at work people only ***** and complain about the gov't. I did not vote for this gov't, in fact I voted green. I live here because I want to. I feel lucky to have a good paying job, good friends and a fairly affordable place to live. But the whining has to stop! I for one hope to retire comfortably and hope my children do not have to pay all their hard earned money to fix what we leave them (which by the way would be an enormous pile of...). So let the gov't do it's job and try to repair past mistakes. If things are still bad in 4 years then go ahead and complain.
  12. by   fergus51
    If they were repairing anything I wouldn't be so annoyed. They keep preaching about the four billion dollar deficit when THEY created over 2 billion of it. I am not buying that load of crap that they have to fix everything. I voted green too, and I am living here because I don't want to break my lease. Once that's up you can say goodbye to me and my whining