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  1. I'm moving to Brisbane Australia in July, and my area of practice is pediatric oncology. Is any one familiar with the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane? Thanks for any input you can give.
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  3. by   Clarissa26
    I am a registered nurse in Brisbane, I have never worked at the childrens hospital. If you are still looking at places to work though I do know that the Mater Childrens has a paediatric oncolgy unit, but it also has renal patients. The Royal childrens has a very good reputation, and I could ask around about it to see if anyone knows a bit more or has worked there themselves.
  4. by   gwenith
    Both the Mater and the Royal Brisbane have very good reputations.
  5. by   Torachan
    Most of my cohort (can you tell I am at uni?) are aiming for RBH. Both are fairly central so transport isn't a problem..... I'd say RBH but then what would I know (well they did take care of me when I banged up my knee... well sort of).
  6. by   Torachan
    That wasn't much help. Sorry.

    Can tell you some good pubs though