Best Aussie nurses journal

  1. Hi, I am wanting to subscribe to a journal. I work general medical and surgical mostly so want something pertinant to these areas..

    I would like an Australian publication that has articles as well as clinical updates and maybe some of those self education quizzes as well. Also details of how to subscribe - phone number or address will surfice.

    Can anyone recommend one ot two. I was looking for a link with all of them listed but can't find one. Not sure if one exists but.

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  3. by   Graynurse
    Hey bulletproof,

    Have you had a look at royal college of nursing ( They have a program called 3LP. I find it interesting and helpful
  4. by   talaxandra
    Maybe you could head into a local uni, or check out the library at a couple of hospitals, to get an idea of what the various journals are like; something like 'Nursing Inquiry', for example (which is Australian-based but international), concentrates on academic papers. For a more generalist overview I like the ANJ - they have theme issues, best practice articles and up-dates on new research. For something more scholarly but still primarily clinical, AJAN's not bad, either.
  5. by   sandgroper

    If you work for the government, you can access Clinical Information Access Online (CIAO) through your workplace. Here you can look at the journal holdings of all the major health libraries in WA.

    Hope this helps